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How is it April? What happened to Feb and March????

HOW IS IT APRIL? No where did March go?
Update on me: Health is under control, but the comic will not be resuming.
I moved up in my work place, which equals out to a bigger paycheck, but also typically a 45+ hr week. So my focus right now is succeeding in work (paying the bills and the giant school loan) That being said, I still want to do comics, I just can't make the commitment to projects right now. At first I thought: "it's cool I'll time manage" but the time i realistically get-i usually crash and recharge.
What this means for Wizard along the way/Gryphon Rise Sequel: I still plan on updating when I can, but no longer setting any type of schedule since it demotivating to find I could not make the time to work on it. For those following the pink screen issue with gryphons- I hadn't even fixed that yet either and it's still a matter of time to work on the project.
I am very sorry to keep forcing hiatuses on my readers, and I thank anyone who keeps checking in.

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